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Evidential Psychic Medium
Orange County, CA Megan Alisa Psychic & Spiritul Medium





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Hello & Welcome!

My name is Megan Alisa and I am an evidential psychic medium. I am here to help those in need of guidance, healing and proof that life continues on after death of the body. Grief touches everyone that loves at some point in life; it can change everything and we must learn how to continue living without the physical presence of those we love dearly. It is not an easy journey to go through but I am here to help ease some of that pain by providing you evidence that those you love are still around and paying attention to your life. 

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"I have had a few readings both psychic and mediumistic with Megan and she is absolutely wonderful. She has a beautiful connection with the spirit world and is able to bring over loved ones and really convey who they are. She always received great messages and is very confident with her work. Her psychic work is absolutely spot on. She is able to pick up on small details about me that very few (if any) people know as well as tell me things about what is yet to come. I always leave happy and excited about my messages. I totally trust and recommend her!"


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