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To get the most of your reading, the best way to go about it is to have an open mind and an open heart.


Psychic and Mediumistic faculties can often both be used during your reading but one or the other might be more appropriate. Those who have a need of some kind, generally get the most out of their reading. 



Megan works with the Spirit world as an in-between or "medium". The information that is given by those in the unseen world will be something that you can validate; including things about the details of the life they lived and the essence of who they were in the physical, memories shared, and things they feel you need to know. Often times, they will give advice for situations happening in your life so that you can move forward with better understanding and healing.


No Medium can guarantee that who you wish to speak with will come through but Spirit will do their best to try and achieve what is needed for the sitter. Understanding how the communication works between the Spirit world and the Medium will offer the best conditions for what you are hoping to achieve. Mediumship is a 3-way conversation between the Spirit, the Medium and you. All three participant's energy is needed to make the link strong. The feeling of love and being open minded is what will help to draw Spirit near and create the best likelihood of connecting with whom you wish to communicate with.

It is also important that when you reach out to contact Megan, that you do not give any personal information about yourself or tell her who you want to connect with or any details about them. That is the job of the Medium to provide that for you and to bring forward evidence of their survival directly from the Spirit themselves.  


There are times when people need help and guidance for different situations in their lives. Megan utilizes her psychic capacities by blending with your spirit energy to help with passed or current situations that you are experiencing. There are times when future information is presented and but at no time will Megan ever tell you that you must do something, but instead offer the information that is coming to her with the potentials being shown at the time. By doing so, she can help you overcome obstacles by giving insight and empower you to make choices based on the information that is coming forward. At times, loved ones or guides might pop in to give a message of encouragement, support and comfort, validating the information that is coming up during the sitting. 


Whether you are in need of emotional or physical healing, the Spirit World can assist you. Megan is used as a channel for spiritual energy during trance healing sessions either in person or remotely, as energy is not dictated by time or space. Megan allows the help of her healing guide to blend with her own energy and use her to bring through healing. The Spirit World is aware of the needs of the individual and does their best to assist with healing. It is important to know that Megan cannot guarantee healing as sometimes the receptibility of the individual varies. At times the soul itself is here to have a specific ailment as part of their agreement for coming into this life or the subconscious is not ready to let go of the pain they have latched onto as an identity. Many who receive trance healing report a feeling of love, peace and electrical current going through their bodies during the healing session. You may have a release of tears as emotions that have been stored in your energy field are worked on. If you should feel you are in need of physical or mental health care, please seek advice from a doctor in addition to any spiritual healing. 

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Psychic Reading

Appointment where Megan connects with your soul energy. This sort of reading can bring up your past, your present and future possibilities for your life. Psychic readings address real world issues that might need some guidance. This is not a fortune telling reading where she tells you what to do with your life. Megan gives practical and down to earth guidance, wanting to empower you so that you are able to make decisions for yourself based off of Spirit lead information. 

Mediumship Reading

Evidential mediumship reading where Megan connects with those in the Spirit World. During this sort of reading, Megan will open her senses to see who in Spirit comes forward to connect with you and give specific evidence of their survival and messages. Often times, this includes descriptions of their personality, relationship to you, passing condition, physical description, important date, names, memories shared and other information that they feel is important for you to know. This sort of reading aims to prove that life is continuous and that consciousness survives physical death and that our loved ones are still paying attention to what is currently going on in our lives despite not having a physical body.  

Click here to purchase a gift card for a loved one. This is a beautiful gift to give to someone who is seeking guidance, coming up on a birthday or is in need of healing after a loss.

To schedule your reading, click book to schedule and pay online. Please email for any requests of group readings or public demonstration of mediumship. 

*a 24 hour cancellation is required or your session fee will be forfeited

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