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Real testimonies taken from facebook reviews left for Megan, sent via Instagram or privately.

"I have had a few readings both psychic and mediumistic with Megan and she is absolutely wonderful. She has a beautiful connection with the spirit world and is able to bring over loved ones and really convey who they are. She always received great messages and is very confident with her work. Her psychic work is absolutely spot on. She is able to pick up on small details about me that very few (if any) people know as well as tell me things about what is yet to come. I always leave happy and excited about my messages. I totally trust and recommend her!"




"I have actually known Megan personally as well as professionally. Prior to exploring her spirituality and connection to the other side she was always extremely intuitive and someone that I could go to with anything and everything, and she always seemed to know what was needed to be said. Since we do know each other, she does do a wonderful job at being able to preface with certain things that I know she would have already been familiar with. She is extremely transparent and up front about the information she receives. I recently did a reading with her and she brought up things that I never shared with anyone. I was not looking to connect with anyone specifically, I just was open to whoever wanted to come through. All she asks is for you to answer yes or no if something is familiar to you or not. The reading I recently had with her provided me with great comfort and security surrounding some huge life changes I am making, as well as giving me peace within my personal life. It is easy to be skeptical, in fact it is important to be that way, so that once you have your reading you know it is genuine. Megan has always been an empathetic soul, and her ability to touch the lives of others and heal them through her mediumship is beyond amazing. I can't wait for my next one!"

 -JENNIFER E.                                                                                          

"Megan rules! I met her back in February when she joined one of my best friends to come out for my birthday. My girlfriend had told me that she would like to give me a reading for my birthday, which was beyond generous and kind for someone I had never even met. Right away I had nothing but good vibes from this woman. We made an appointment for a reading a few days after our night out and I didn’t share anything about my personal life with her that night. When I showed up for my appointment a few days later, I felt a little anxious, as this was my first reading ever and didn’t quite know what to expect. I loved that she explained thoroughly what to expect, what to say, not to say, and I love that she started the session off with some nice music to help you to relax, and channel who you’d most like to come through. Sure enough, everyone did, down to my childhood best dog Yoda. It was incredible and I couldn’t recommend having a reading done by her enough. It brought me peace and closure, and even just her presence in general brings about a sense of peace."


 -MELANY B.                                                                                         

"Megan is truly amazing! She brought me so much comfort and light. Megan is the real deal. Without going into too much of my reading, she confirmed so much and made me feel so much comfort and joy knowing people are together watching over us and my daughter. Her gift is a blessing to everyone!"







"I’ve come across many psychic / mediums in my line of work and I must say the Megan Alisa is one of the most talented and authentic readers I’ve met. Everything she said I understood and resonated with me. She shared details about my father only I would know. Her love for what she does and her passion for helping people find peace is inspiring. Thank you for the tears of joy you brought me tonight. “



-Dr. Lara Romero




"Megan is awesome. I had a reading with her last week. She is very intuitive and gifted. She knows her stuff. She is also very sweet. I can't wait to be able to see her live in action at one of the events she does often. If you have any doubts about booking a session with her you shouldn't.. “







"Megan was wonderful. I recently had a reading with her this April. This was my first time connecting with Megan and I can't tell you how much I appreciate what she shared and brought through. She is the real deal and I definitely recommend her. “







"On February 13th 2020 I had a wonderful intuitive guidance reading done by Megan. She started the reading by letting me know how she works as an Evidential Medium. Keeping it simple with yes or no’s on my part. She gave me insight on my career path, she confirmed internal struggles and childhood struggles and told me some healing methods, as well as bringing through two loved ones on the other side. She was extremely kind and thorough throughout the reading and let me ask questions at the end that she answered without skipping a beat. I felt a genuine and honest connection and will be going to Megan in the future!“








"Megan is a highly talented and accurate spiritual medium. Her loving kind nature and devotion to spirit are evident in all that she does.“




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