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Megan Alisa is a warm and down to earth Evidential Psychic and Spiritual Medium who facilitates one-on-one private readings and public demonstrations of mediumship. As a Psychic Medium, Megan becomes the in-between for those in the world of Spirit and here. She is able to accurately give you descriptions of who they are by bringing forward evidence & messages. The evidence that comes through gives the essence of who the person was in their physical life. This can include their personality, their appearance, passing conditions, names, dates, memories shared and anything else that the Spirit World feels is needed for you at the time. For Psychic readings, she can also connect with your Spirit energy and offer practical guidance to empower you to make the best choices for your day to day life by perceiving the issues that need to be addressed.


She also provides Trance Healing for those in need where the Spirit World uses her to be the channel for the spiritual energy, as well as Spiritual Assessments to give more insight of unfolding potentials for those who are beginning or already developing their mediumistic gifts and spiritual development. Megan also hosts a monthly online mediumship development circle to assist those wanting to further develop their mediumship with a fellow medium. You can find more info about the development circles through my events on the homepage. 

In addition, Megan Alisa is also a mediumship development tutor at The Oakbridge Institute,

Center for Mediumistic and Psychical Studies.

Megan cares deeply about people and her goal is to bring forth the love from Spirit so that you know without a doubt, that your loved ones are still alive in the unseen world and are paying attention to your life. Integrity is of key importance to her and she aims to have you walk away from your experience uplifted, with a knowing that there is more to this life than what many realize.

Megan knew at a young age that she had intuitive abilities. When she found out that she could connect with people in Spirit in the way that could help bring comfort and healing to those here in the physical world, she knew she wanted to develop her gifts as much as possible. Megan has developed her mediumship under some of the most accurate & well respected mediums working today such as U.K. Medium Eileen Davies, U.K. Medium Gordon Smith and her main mentor U.K trained Medium Michael Mayo. Megan has been dedicated to her development and still continues with studies in mental mediumship, trance mediumship and trance healing. Early in her development she found herself called to the Arthur Findlay College, the world's foremost college for the advancement of Mediumship & Psychic sciences in the U.K. where she returns yearly for week long intensives.


With a love for those past great pioneers of Mediumship, she has strived to take on the same sort of dedication that they embodied. Megan believes that a Medium should never stop developing the potential that is within and that spiritualizing yourself is a lifelong discovery. She is dedicated to serving Spirit and those who are in need. 

A reading with Megan can be done via Zoom worldwide. Megan is also available for events & public demonstrations. Readings are done by appointment only.  


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